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Welcome to Aether Colour - Colour Consultants for the Print Industry

Aether Colour Consultants are a Graphic Arts consultancy concerned with solutions which deliver not only excellent quality, but savings in time and cost through the use of appropriate technologies.

Each project is judged on it’s merits and Aether Colour Consultants is entirely independent.

Aether Colour Consultants has many years of experience to draw on and a proven track record of delivering projects and benefits on time and to budget.

Past Colour Consultant Projects

  • Major reorganisations and change management.
  • Installation of many workflow solutions, resulting in reductions in labour content, time and cost.
  • Building communications networks across multiple sites to allow hub/spoke production and consequent time/labour/ cost savings.
  • Installation of pre-press and desktop publishing systems across Europe and in the USA.
  • Developing web based customer facing portal.
  • Numerous projects to update/change workflows and practices to increase customer satisfaction and deliver increased profits.
  • Procurement and installation of ink saving technologies.
  • Adoption of ISO 12647-2 printing targets.
  • Long and short term business development plans.
  • Process mapping many operations and workflows Identifying individual training needs.

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